Hannah Fitz

Hannah Fitz 
HERO 2019
steel, card, plaster, fibreglass, resin, paint, pleather, sneakers
136 x 78 x 65 cm / 53.5 x 30.7 x 25.6 in 
Hannah Fitz 
steel, card, plaster, fibreglass, resin, paint, pleather, glass bottles, T-shirt
66 x 70 x 141 cm / 26 x 27.6 x 55.5 in 
Hannah Fitz 
steel, card, plaster, fibreglass, resin, paint, football
142 X 151 X 92 cm / 55.9 X 59.4 X 36.2 in 
Hannah Fitz 
Man 2017
chicken wire, Papier-mâché, joint compound, expanding foam, surface: acrylic paint and resin mix
96 x 136 x 122 cm / 37.8 x 53.5 x 48 in 
Hannah Fitz 
Mirror 2017
wood, foam, Plastiform, and epoxy resin 
152 x 20 x 50 cm / 59.8 x 7.9 x 19.7 i
Hannah Fitz 
Horse 2017
wood, foam, Plastiform and acrylic resin 
38 x 20 x 65 cm / 15 x 7.9 x 25.6 in 


Hannah Fitz,
Knock Knock,
Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin,
04 May - 30 June 2018
Hannah Fitz,
Doggy Eyed Stare, Studio 16 Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin,
03 February - 06 February 2016

b. 1989, Dublin.


Hannah Fitz works predominantly with sculpture and video, making groups of objects that collectively build and break down basic formal identities. Her sculptures often represent familiar or domestic objects, rendered in such a way that reveals their artifice – rejecting sleekness or ‘finish’, they are instead articulated by curling lines and uncertain ‘wobbles’. Painted in different strains of the same murky yellow, as if bathed in the same light, the objects in this exhibition are given a uniformity that unsettles and excludes the viewer. They appear to co-exist in a universe that omits us, reflecting back a familiar yet uneasy version of the world: cigarette smoke curls upwards from an ashtray, suspended in space; a small horse either springs into or is frozen in action. These ambiguous sculptural forms appear suspended in time, acting more like a photograph or drawing than a sculpture.


Fitz graduated from NCAD in 2012. She is currently a visiting student of Peter Fischli in Städelschule, Frankfurt. Current exhibitions include a I’m Trying to Explain, L21, Spain. Recent solo exhibitions include Knock Knock, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin; In the Light of the Lamp, Gallery Three, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin; Doggie Eyed Stare, Studio 16, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin and Bored with a hole, a two-person exhibition with Daniel Tuomey (2016); Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, Broadstone Gallery and Studios, Dublin and Still in Set, FLOORONEGALLERY, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin. Recent group exhibitions include Hannah Fitz, Áine McBride, Daniel Rios Rodriguez, Marcel Vidal, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin and The Way Things Go: An Homage, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny.