Jaki Irvine

Room Acoustics Revisited

4th July 2008 - 2nd August 0000

Jaki Irvine 
Room Acoustics Revisited 
DVD PAL Projection
11 minutes 5 sec
Kerlin Gallery is delighted to announce the presentation of a new, single screen video installation by Jaki Irvine.
Room Acoustics Revisited is set in one of the labs of the Institute for Sonic Research and Reconstruction- an organisation set up after the effects of the widespread use of vibrational sweeping gradually became recognised as a significant problem.
In the face of an almost total elimination of non-organised sounds from the acoustic field and the absence of adequate descriptions of most sounds in visual/written form, a young researcher at the institute slowly comes to terms with the enormity of the task which the retrieval and reconstruction of a sonic landscape entails.
Jaki Irvine’s works in film and video, whether in single-screen format or in more complex multi-screen installations, weave together enticing, though ultimately elusive narratives in which image, voice-over and musical score variously overlap, coalesce and diverge. Subjectivities split and fragment as the boundaries that separate self from other, or human from animal, become fluid or permeable.
In 1995 Irvine was included in the seminal exhibition of Young British Artists, General Release, at the Venice Biennale, and she represented Ireland at the 1997 Biennale. Her solo exhibitions include In a World Like This at Chisenhale Gallery, London (2007) and Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo (2008), The Silver Bridge, Smart Project space, Amsterdam (2006) and The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2005), Plans for forgotten works, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds (2005), The Hottest Sun, The Darkest Hour, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin.  (1999), the Staatliche Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden, Germany (1998), and Ivana's Answers, Delfina Project Space (1996).
She has also participated in numerous group shows throughout Europe, Australia and Japan including A Century of Artists Film in Britain, Tate Britain, London (2003), Art Now Lightbox, Tate Britain, and Site Gallery, Sheffield (2002) Intelligence, Tate Britain (2000) and Shifting Ground: 50 Years of Irish Art at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (2000), White Noise, Bern Kunsthalle, (1998), NoWhere Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark (1996), and Sonsbeek International, Arnhem (1993)
In October, 2008, Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo and Charta will publish a book on the collected works of Jaki Irvine. Designed by Will Holder, the book will include new texts by Michael Newman and Will Bradley.
Actors: Cathy Irvine and Oliver Wang
Taxidermist: Carl Church
With thanks to Denis McNulty