Dallas Art Fair Online

April 14-23, 2020

Samuel Laurence Cunnane

online exhibition and new e-book coming soon

April 22, 2020

Art Basel

17 September - 20 September 2020


Siobhán Hapaska

17th December 2016 - 4th February 2017

Kathy Prendergast


29th October - 10th December 2016

Willie Doherty

Loose Ends

3rd September - 19th October 2016

Brian Maguire

Over Our Heads the Hollow Seas Closed Up

1st July - 20th August 2016

Merlin James

To the Present

13th May - 25th June 2016

Richard Gorman


16th March - 7th May 2016

Jan Pleitner

Water for the Tribe

22nd January - 12th March 2016

Liliane Tomasko


28th November 2015 - 16th January 2016

William McKeown

Cloud Cuckoo Land

16th October - 21st November 2015

David Godbold

More like living than life itself

4th September - 10th October 2015

Sean Scully

Different Places, Château la Coste, France

4th July - 31st October 2015

Sean Scully


25th June - 29th August 2015

Samuel Laurence Cunnane

22nd May - 20th June 2015

Isabel Nolan

Bent Knees are a Give

1st April - 16th May 2015

Paul Seawright

The List

30 January – 21 March 2015

Eoin Mc Hugh

the skies will be friendlier then

14th November 2014 - 24th January 2015

Dorothy Cross


5th September - 6th November 2014


Caroline Achaintre, Aleana Egan, Mark Francis, Liam Gillick, Sam Keogh, Isabel Nolan and Jan Pleitner

18th July - 28th August 2014

Mark Garry


23rd May - 12th July 2014

Fortnightly Features Presents IV

Samuel Laurence Cunnane and Ryan Moffett

2nd - 13th May 2014

Fortnightly Features Presents III

Nicholas Keogh

18th - 29th April 2014

Fortnight Features Presents II

Anita Delaney and Pádraig Spillane

4th April – 15th April 2014

Fortnightly Features Presents

Seamus Harahan

21 March – 13 May 2014

Willie Doherty


17th January - 15th March 2014