Richard Gorman


14 July - 12 August 2006

"Richard Gorman has spent the past twenty years refining his vision of, and his fluency, in paint. He has chiselled out a compositional language and tonal spectrum that are his own. He insists that his paintings mean no more or no less than what they are and there's the rub. To stand before his work and experience the pleasure of shape, line, colour, texture, scale and realise that in that alone may be the essential effect of painting".

P.T. Murphy
Director RHA Dublin
In this new exhibition at Kerlin Gallery Gorman continues this evolutionary refinement with a series of paintings that confirm his position as one of Irelands leading abstract painters. As before these paintings do not have a narrative or underlying story as a starting point but are essentially floating or interlocking shapes made of paint on a linen support. There is however a new sense of playfulness via colour and form that create the illusion of three dimensional entities intimately engaged and precariously balanced.

Gorman has exhibited widely and regularly since the mid-1980s, especially in Dublin, London, Milan and Tokyo. Frequent and extended visits to Japan have notably influenced his working methods and materials,. Recent international exhibitions have included solo shows at Itami City Gallery of Art and Mitaka City Art Foundation in Japan in 1999 and the Koriyama Museum, Japan in 2003. In 2001 Gorman had a highly acclaimed exhibition of nine large scale paintings at Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin. He is represented in many collections, both public and private in Europe, the UK, Ireland and Japan.