Writing: Cabin Fever
Richard Gorman, Buzz & Hum
Richard Gorman, CASA
Callum Innes, I'll Close My Eyes

Sean Scully, Inner
Willie Doherty, Home
Liam Gillick, Industry and Intelligence
Mark Garry & Sean Carpio, Drift LP

Gerard Byrne, Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjnjeli: Film inside an image
Mark Garry, A New Quiet
Liliane Tomasko, Sense, €15
Liliane Tomasko, In Visible World

Willie Doherty, Again and Again
Richard Gorman, KAN, €10
Liliane Tomasko, Mother-Matrix-Matter
Hall of Half-Life

Sean Scully, Bricklayer of the Soul, €40
Sean Scully, Different Places, €45
Sean Scully, Home, €12
Kathy Prendergast, Or, €9.50

The Untold Want, €15
Perspectives of Europe
Paul Seawright, Things Left Unsaid, €25
Merlin James, SIGNAL BOX, €9.90

Sean Scully, Figure / Abstract, €35
Dorothy Cross, Landscapes: Connemara
Dorothy Cross, 8 Works: Connemara
Mark Francis, Evidence of Absence, €15

Richard Gorman, KIN, €20
Dorothy Cross, Connemara, €25
Liliane Tomasko, Vestige, €15
Paul Winstanley, Art School, €35

Eoin Mc Hugh, Augury, €10
Isabel Nolan, Some Surfaces on Which Patterns Occur, €35
Norbert Schwontkowski, Blind Faith, €40
Dorothy Cross, 8 Works 1995 - 2000

Gerard Byrne, A state of neutral pleasure
Callum Innes, HISTORY, €12
Merlin James [NFS]
Jaki Irvine, Days of Surrender [NFS]

Willie Doherty, UNSEEN
Liam Gillick, From 199A to 199B
Fear and Art in the Contemporary World
Conjuring for Beginners

Mark Garry, A Generous Act
Willie Doherty, LAPSE, €5
Aleana Egan, day wears

Merlin James, In the gallery, €15
An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom
Sean Scully, Retrospective
Sean Scully, Doric

Sean Scully, Luz Del Sur
Sean Scully, Change and Horizontals
Liam Gillick Kerlin Gallery Abu Dhabi Art 2012
Callum Innes

Gerard Byrne: Case Study: Loch Ness (some Possibilities and Problems)
Sean Scully, Tin Mal / Cut Ground
Gerard Byrne: Images or Shadows
Liliane Tomasko, Luminous Matter, €15

Isabel Nolan, Intimately Unrelated
Sean Scully, Works from the 1980s
Liam Gillick, A Syntax of Dependency:
Aleana Egan, At intervals, while turning

Elizabeth Magill, Green Light Wanes
Mark Francis, Arena
Traces of Light
Dorothy Cross, Stage

Liam Gillick, One long walk… Two short piers…
Brian Maguire, HOME

Mark Garry, Sending letters to the sea
Sean Scully, Constantinople or The Sensual Concealed. The Imagery of Sean Scully
Liam Gillick 2009: Deutscher Pavillion La Biennale Di Venezia
Liam Gillick, Meaning

Jaki Irvine, The Square Root of Minus One is Plus or Minus i
Elizabeth Magill
Mark Francis
Aleana Egan, We sat down where we had sat before

William McKeown
Paul Winstanley, Threshold: Paintings 1989-2007
Norbert Schwontkowski, Vertigo
Willie Doherty, Anthology of Time Based Work

Phillip Allen, Drawings
Liam Gillick, Factories in the Snow
Paul Seawright, Invisible Cities
Sean Scully, Glorious Dust

Sean Scully, Walls of Aran
Liam Gillick, a conversation between John Baldessari, Liam Gillick and Lawrence Weiner /moderated by Beatrix Ruf
Phillip Allen
Sean Scully, Die Architektur der Farbe / The Architecture of Colour

Sean Scully, Resistance and Persistence: Selected Writings
Maureen Gallace, Focus Exhibition Series
Callum Innes: From Memory
Stephen McKenna, Du Côte Dé Bran

Sean Scully
Proxemics; Selected Writings (1988-2006)
Richard Gorman, Paintings
WHAT it does to you…

Ireland at Venice 2005
Dorothy Cross
Merlin James
Sean Scully: Wall of Light

forwards, not backwards
Once it was a lie, now it’s the truth…
Gone, Site-Specific Works by Dorothy Cross
Plans of Forgotten Works

Nissan Art Project
Field Notes
Liam Gillick: Woven / Intersected / Revised
McNamara Hotel

Sean Scully
Sean Scully: Body of Light
The Color of Time: The Photographs of Sean Scully

Elizabeth Magill
Gerard Byrne - Books, Magazines and Newspapers (Pocket, 9)
Easel Paintings
Maureen Gallace

The Barrow Book
Winter Robe
Dedicado a Federico García Lorca

Callum Innes
Richard Gorman, Paintings and Paper Works
Et In Arcadia Ego

Sean Scully
Painting per se
False Memory

The Holiday Show
the sky begins at our feet
Wall of Light
Literally No Place

The Wood Way
Richard Gorman, Nine Paintings
How It Was

In an open room
Richard Gorman, Made in Japan
Richard Gorman
the map

The Forest
Painting’s Pastel’s and Watercolours 1990 - 2000
Wall Of Light / Muro de Luz
Liam Gillick

exposed paintings
Archive: Complete Paintings 1989-2000
The End and the Begining

Siobhán Hapaska / Charles Long / Ernesto Neto
Germälde 1990 - 1999

Erasmus is Late
Five or Six
NICAF ’99 Tokyo

Dark Stains
Elizabeth Magill
Portraits of a Day Room

Sean Scully
Sean Scully
Barcelona Paintings and Recent Editions
Prints: Catalogue Raisonne 1968-1999

Callum Innes
Callum Innes
Richard Gorman, 1998–1999
The Answer Garden: A Native/Settler Debate

Somewhere Else
Casa da Cultura
Not an Island
Sean Scully

same old story
Mark Francis
Callum Innes 1990 – 1996
The Only Good one is a Dead One

Willie Doherty
Dorothy Cross, Even
No Smoke Without Fire
Paintings 1992 - 1995

Sean Scully
Works on Paper
Sean Scully
Siobhán Hapaska

Richard Gorman
Inside Information
Twenty Years, 1976 - 1995
Callum Innes

Paintings 90/93
Bad Girls
An Intimate Relationship: Selected Works 1988 - 92
Paintings 1985 - 1993

Paintings and Works on Paper
The Catherine Paintings
Richard Gorman
Callum Innes

Power House
Unknown Depths
Edge to Edge: Three Sculptors from Ireland
Arrangements and Distances

Elizabeth Magill
Songs Divine & Moral