Isabel Nolan, Some Surfaces on Which Patterns Occur, €35


"Configurations of marks or things upon surfaces have a propensity to seem meaningful. Apophenia maybe? It began in Antwerp, a photograph seen in a now forgotten book. Five years later all that remained with me was the image of fabric configured into slow patterns and a name.
"A search uncovers Marie Lieb. Not the uncelebrated, modern artist I had conjured. Rather a psychiatric case in residential care in Heidelberg Hospital in 1894. Her legacy now cared for by the Sammlung Prinzhorn.
"The two photographs of Lieb’s arrangements of ripped cloth, beautiful and inscrutable, imprinted as a register of oblique decisions, a chronicle of specificity with no discernible purport." — Isabel Nolan, 2013
Softcover: 150 pages, 140×220 mm 
Publisher: Onestar Press
Binding: glue bound 
Interior: black-and-white
ISBN: Not available