Elizabeth Magill, In Two Parts

12 Star Gallery, Europe House, London

6 - 15 March 2019

Elizabeth Magill, In 2 parts, 2018, lithograph on somerset satin 300gsm, edition 70, 20.9 x 29.6 cm image size / 42.4 x 52.5 cm paper size
My work draws upon ideas around land and landscape. Perhaps it is my attempt to create a kind of space or setting to place thoughts and observations, an exterior view shaped from an interior one, or vice versa an inner landscape being shaped by an outer one. Within this construct, are notions relating to pictorial history and what it means to assemble and make a work of art today. I often refer to my own personal history to reflect upon the wider global situation.
Lately it has become unsettling clear that we are living in divided times, from the politics in America to Brexit and decisions around climate change and an ever pressing need to own up to ecological loss. There seems less and less of a centre or common ground to work things through. Even where I grew up, there is no parliament, Stormont, unable or unwilling to sit and discuss important issues together.
Our globalised world has furthermore highlighted differences, producing dialectic in the differences of nationality, culture, religion, ethnicity, gender, class, and language.
There are many splits, but a stark divide has emerged and it is with these thoughts in mind that I have approached my recent work. A two-part picture where the centre is now a gap, the same view, but cut in two.
It feels like the halves have expanded and…the centre cannot hold.

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