Richard Gorman for Hermès


Richard Gorman
Scarf in silk twill, hand-rolled
90 x 90 cm

Originally destined for a business career, in the family tradition, Richard Gorman’s first love soon caught up with him, and overtook his life. In 1970, aged 24, he discovered Picasso’s Guernica on a trip to New York. An Irishman born and raised in Dublin, he attended Trinity College and the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, before moving to Italy and establishing his studio in Milan, in the early 1980s. His first exhibitions were held shortly after, since when his work has featured regularly at Dublin’s Kerlin Gallery, as well as in Cologne, London, Milan, Tokyo, and New York. A major colourist, Richard Gorman soon embraced Abstract Expressionism, deploying vast fields of colour from the early 1990s onwards, exploring the symbiosis and tension between their inherent geometry and the limits of their support. Gorman’s powerful compositions are, he says, neither narrative, nor illustrative of an idea or concept of any kind. Painting is a process that begins with the choice of a surface, a support, and a set of dimensions: the starting point for a magnificent encounter with the world of Hermès, and the choice of a work, bringing Gorman’s inimitable colour to the medium of a silk carré, for the first time.

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