Sam Keogh in Dark Water: The Dead of Night

CGP London

25 February 2017, 18:00–21:00

Dark Water:
The Dead of Night

Laurie Anderson
Anna Bunting-Branch
Valie Export
Rebecca Jagoe
Sam Keogh
Maria Lassnig
Lynn Hershman-Leeson
Lawrence Lek
Rashaad Newsome
Tai Shani
Marianna Simnett & Lucinda Chua
Zadie Xa
Special print by Allison Katz

Programmed by Tai Shani & A---Z (Anne Duffau)

At the point of 'Heat Death of the Universe' or maximum Entropy / A realised cyborgian myth / A Subliminal intervention between Here and Nowhere
(Tai Shani, The Vampyre, 2016)

Tai Shani & A---Z (Anne Duffau) presents an evening of performances and screenings around Sci Fi / technology / the future bodies at CGP London, Dilston Grove.

An evening of performances and screening exploring and extending a research around amorphous living through technology & the inner space.

In associate with LUX, Daata Edition and sixpackfilm & The Royal College of Art, School of Fine Art

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