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Aleana Egan, small field

In small field Aleana Egan (*1979, Dublin, Ireland) creates a setting of abstract sculptures that are assembled in multilayered constellations. Materials such as metal, wood, pigment, and fabric refer to their own properties, while also remaining indeterminate: In this ambiguity, the objects evoke immaterial moments—ideas, thoughts, feelings, moods, energies, and relationships both towards each other as well as interpersonal. Manifested in form, the internal is turned outwards. Translated into sculptural gestures, latent allusions are made visible, and the processual shifts into focus.

The exhibition situation is a field once opened, remains in motion. Throughout its entire duration small field is accompanied by contributions in the form of posters, thus initiating an additional field of dialogue. The Affiche series addresses the sculptures’ tentativeness
and expands the physical exhibition space by extending it into public space. Affiche features poster contributions by Mihaela Chiriac, Sofia Duchovny, Hella Gerlach, Manuela Leinhoß, Vera Palme, Kirsten Pieroth, and Nora Schultz.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.
Curated by Melissa Canbaz

More details available at link below.


Aleana Egan, small field