Brian Maguire, An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom

Visual Carlow

06 October 2012 - 06 January 2013

Erika Perez Escobedo was 29 years of age and married with two children when she was killed. She worked in a factory making harnesses for cars. Her body was found in the street with her cloths disturbed and her bra around her neck. There was evidence of rape. There were strangulation marks on her neck. The police immediately judged the cause of death to be a drug overdose. No investigation followed.


Brian Maguire

acrylic on linen, 81.5 x 73 cm

“Since 1993, 14,525 murders have been committed in Ciudad Juarez bordering on the United States, of which 1,248 have victimized women. Most of these crimes against men, women and children remain unpunished.” Extract from Men and Women of Juarez, Julian Cardona, Mexico, 2012


Curated by Brian Maguire and VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art


Since 2009 Brian Maguire has travelled on a number of occasions to Ciudad Juárez in Mexico,  described as the most violent city on earth. On a journey to uncover and bring to international attention the endemic injustices and cyclical nature of the violence that occurs in this place Maguire has involved and collaborated with a number of artists, journalists and human rights activists, in an effort to uncover what it is that perpetuates this violence and strengthen the voice calling to attention the grave situation that has come to define this place. This exhibition has brought together some of those who along with Maguire have through their practices attempted to challenge the humanitarian absence that allows these conditions to continue.


For this exhibition Maguire presents a series of paintings from his time in Mexico. Teresa Margolles is one of Mexico’s most respected artists. Her commitment to her work is rooted in a sadness and helplessness for her country. Norwegian Artist Lise Bjorne Linnert  will present Desconocida Unknown Ukjent an international art project that has involved the collaboration of thousands of individuals since 2006 by way of workshops with various groups.


Mark McLoughlin and Lanka Haouche Perren have traveled with Maguire in Mexico. Both present for this exhibition documentation from this experience by way of photography and film.


Brian Maguire will be in the galleries to talk about his work and the exhibition on Thursday October 18th. Places will be limited, please book through Box Office on 059 9172400. This is a free event.


This exhibition is supported by a publication with texts by Julian Cardona, Christian Viveros Faune,  & Brian Maguire. A special limited edition of 200 of these will be available.

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