Brian Maguire, Scenes of Absence

Rubin Center, University of Texas

26 September - 13 December 2019

Brian Maguire, Police Graduation (Juárez), 2014, acrylic on linen, 300x 400 cm

“Brian Maguire is an artist of singular yet expansive vision: an activist, correspondent and a voice for dispossessed and marginalized individuals often considered dispensable by the rest of society.  Since the onset of his professional career four decades ago, Maguire has been an instigator of numerous interactive projects with prisoners, refugees, and survivors; the artist’s practice is inseparable from his commitment to the community with whom he feels in service, navigating an often precarious exchange subject to the scrutiny of the public opinion under which it must operate.” 
This abbreviated retrospective of Irish artist Brian Maguire showcases his large-scale work in response to zones of conflict around the world.  It features paintings from throughout Maguire’s decades-long career and deals with a diverse constellation of global struggles from the Troubles of his native Ireland to the streets of Aleppo and beyond, drawing complex connections between a broad cast of humans who have been left in the shadows of global capitalism, while at the same time highlighting the artist’s special relationship to his subjects. 

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