Dorothy Cross, David Godbold, Richard Gorman, Stephen McKenna & Kathy Prendergast, 'Meditation on Plates'

Casino Marino, Dublin

12 July - 31 October 2014

The Office of Public Works will present an exhibition 'Meditation on Plates: Inspired by Lord Charlemont's Casino' in one of Ireland's most highly regarded historic buildings, the Casino at Marino, Dublin.

A group of almost 40 esteemed Irish and international artists, designers and architects was invited to respond to the Casino building, some of its ornamental elements or surroundings in a personal drawing. The artists' drawings have been transferred onto porcelain plates and reproduced in a limited edition of 18 plates per artist. The resulting collection is rich in its variety of interpretations and the quality and  beauty of the work.

The Casino Marino was designed by Sir William Chambers as a pleasure house for James Caulfeild, 1st Earl of Charlemont, who was widely recognized as one of the most enlightened and cultured men of his day. This miniature building is regarded as both a unique and finest representation of eighteenth century Neo-Classical European architecture.

Lord Charlemont's extensive Grand Tour through Italy and Greece, culminated in his wish to create his own Italian Arcadia in Ireland. The Casino, or 'small house' contains sixteen rooms intricately decorated with ornate plasterwork and richly patterned marquetry floors.

On 12th July 2014, the complete collection of plates will be exhibited in the main saloon of the Casino. A selection of original drawings will be shown in the china closet and zodiac rooms adjoining the main saloon. The exhibition is curated by Irish artist and designer Nuala Goodman.

Featured in this exhibition are Dorothy Cross, David Godbold, Richard Gorman, Stephen McKenna and Kathy Prendergast, amongst others, including barnabà Fornasetti, Eithne Jordan and Alessandro Mendini. Many of the participants are Italian, living in Italy or have lived in Italy. This ties in with Lord Charlemont's desire to bring some of the beauty of Italy to Ireland. 'Meditation on Plates, inspired by Lord Charlemont's Casino'  pays homage to Lord Charlemont, to his love of art and his passion for Italy.

'Meditation on Plates: Inspired by Lord Charlemont's Casino' opens on 12th July and remains until 31st October 2014. It will be possible to purchase the plates, either as a collection or individually; each plate is a covetable work of art.

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