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Dorothy Cross in Tangible Nothing

Ruby City will present Tangible/Nothing, a new installation of its permanent collection galleries, September 8, 2022, through April 30, 2023. The exhibition will feature approximately 40 works by national and international artists as well as those with San Antonio and Texas ties, including
recent acquisitions on view for the first time. Tangible/Nothing explores how the invisible or the seemingly mundane can reveal great meaning. Some works represent apparent voids, vestiges of what’s missing or subjects not pictured– a
pair of arms bereft of a body, a woman represented only by her purse or Miss America seen only as a floating crown. Other works represent or incorporate everyday objects that stand in for big ideas, such as empty paint cans
representing a white, heroic vision of America’s history or a bright pink stove calling out the pervasiveness of traditional gender roles.

“Tangible/Nothing speaks to two different artistic approaches used by many artists today,” said Elyse A. Gonzales, director of Ruby City. “The first is the removal or purposeful avoidance of selected objects, while the other makes use
of commonplace things, sometimes even representing them. Tangible/Nothing demonstrates how artists have used these methods to great effect to address loss, identity, gender, history, environmental concerns— or to question the very
nature of art. It was fascinating to see how these alternative ideas of ubiquity and absence factored into many works in the collection considering they have shaped so much of my thinking about our late founder Linda Pace and her legacy, here and beyond.” 


Dorothy Cross in Tangible Nothing