Dorothy Cross, Time Will Tell

Croft Castle, Herefordshire

9 March - 3 November 2013

Dorothy Cross
Everest Shark, 2013
28 x 185 x 85 cm
11 x 72.8 x 33.5 in

Meadow Arts is proud to present a series of events and an evolving exhibition in the stables, parkland and castle at Croft entitled Time will Tell.


Time Will Tell explores the creative tensions between the 'science' of history and archaeology on the one hand, and tales, stories or memories on the other; thereby revealing layers and gaps in the notion of the past.

Croft Castle itself is a fascinating patchwork of periods, which can be read in the variety of styles of the building and also in the landscape. Around Croft a multitude of stories and tales abound, as well as a wealth of archaeological finds and a distinguished, well-documented family history.



Artists' residencies are at the core of Time will Tell. A number of artists were invited to spend time at Croft throughout 2012 to steep themselves in its life and times. Some have spent time speaking with visitors or the local population; some have chosen to explore various storylines, true or false, linked to Croft; some have gone further afield, either discovering the landscape or the environs. The audience was invited to witness, experience and be part of the creative process behind the artists' work.

Time will Tell continues until November 2013 with a full count of finished works and new commissions from all of the artists in residence. The works in the exhibition explore the way we look at history and the way we represent it, responding to the rich layers of Croft's history and offering a new way of connecting with Croft's past and present.

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