Dorothy Cross, Time Will Tell

Croft Castle, Herefordshire, UK

04 August 2012 - 01 January 2013



Dorothy Cross

cast bronze skull and iron anvil

46 x 65 x 28 cm

Revealing the layers of history at Croft Castle, this programme will take the form of residencies, commissions and exhibited works, as well as a series of events, performances, screenings and interventions.


The commissioned works and some borrowed works will be exhibited throughout the Castle, Gardens and Parkland, providing a series of focal points at different stages in the ongoing programme. The artworks and general programme will explore the 'tensions' between different interpretations of the past and the concept of 'contested reality': there are a number of interesting but unsubstantiated stories that surround Croft. The exhibition will also highlight the choices that the National Trust faces in presenting the properties to the public.


Artists have always played a major role in depicting history.  Preoccupied as they can be with memory and recording, they can also fill the blanks or put forward their own interpretation of the past. Exhibited works will include borrowed and commissioned works that respond to the curatorial theme of the programme, examining more than a thousand years of Croft's history and the relationship that visitors have with it.

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