Elizabeth Magill, Awarded John Moores Painting Prize Visitors' Choice 2012

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (part of Liverpool Biennial)

15 September 2012 - 06 January 2013

3837 Sighting


A large ethereal landscape by Elizabeth Magill is winner of the John Moores Painting Prize Visitors’ Choice 2012, sponsored by Rathbones.


More than 5,000 people voted for their favourite of the 62 works, since the exhibition opened in September, but it was Sighting by Elizabeth Magill which captured the heart of most visitors and won the £2,012 prize.


Sighting (oil on canvas, 168 x 198.1 cm) appears to depict a dark woodland scene but on closer inspection unexpected, delightful details are revealed.


Attracted to its mystery, beauty and eerie atmosphere, the large and imposing painting was a popular choice with visitors.


As one visitor described it: “It has tremendous atmosphere and movement. It is mysterious, yet tangible. Colours are great. Bubbles are beautiful.”


Many were drawn to the work’s ambiguity, with one visitor commenting: “It evokes nostalgia and a feeling of being lost somewhere safe.”Another reminisced: “I love the fantasy in this painting; it takes me back to my childhood in Ireland.”


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