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Elizabeth Magill, Unsettling Landscapes: The Art of the Eerie

Elizabeth Magill presents 'Outlying (2)' as part of the group exhibition 'Unsettling Landscapes: The Art of the Eerie' at St. Barbe Museum + Art Gallery.

This exhibition exploring eerie representations of rural landscapes from the aftermath of the First World War to the present. In his essay for the catalogue Robert Macfarlane explains that the eerie ‘involves that form of fear which is felt first as unease then as dread, and it tends to be incited by glimpses and tremors rather than outright attack. Horror specialises in confrontation and aggression; the eerie in intimation and intimidation.


Elizabeth Magill
Outlying (2), 2021,
mixed media on canvas
153 x 183 cm / 60.2 x 72 in