Eoin Mc Hugh, Augury

The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin

July 26 - September 11, 2013

Eoin Mc Hugh has described his work as ‘focused on the psychology of imagery’, but although this may be true from a conceptual perspective, there is more to it than that. He deftly explores the space and boundaries between image, object, and idea, and yet his art is perhaps even more remarkable for its arresting sense of the uncanny.

There are three main strands to his art: oil paintings, watercolours, and sculpture. All are amply represented in this exhibition of new and recent work. There are several meticulously painted oils, a handful of watercolours on old paper, and a comprehensive selection of sculpture that ranges from found objects to peculiar bronzes that appear to have been cast from molten plastic shapes.

Although it is not unusual to find a contemporary artist making such a wide variety of work, it is much less common to have it infused with such deliberation and seriousness. And while it can be distanced and occasionally humourous, Mc Hugh’s art is altogether devoid of irony.
Augury takes as its subject a post-apocalyptic world characterised by decay and disintegration, but despite its darkness, Mc Hugh’s vision never loses its ultimate focus, which is his quest, both literally and figuratively, for light.


Augury is accompanied by the first catalogue of Eoin Mc Hugh’s work, published with the support of Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.


Artist's Talk:
On the evening of the opening, Eoin Mc Hugh will give a talk on the exhibition and his practice. Thursday, July 25, at 5pm. All are welcome, admission free.

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