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Hannah Fitz, Lookieloo

Kerlin Gallery is pleased to announce Lookieloo, an exhibition of new work by Hannah Fitz.

Hannah Fitz’s sculptural work is formed out of the familiar, surrounding us with objects that seem of this world, but instead, present expressionist deviations from it.

In Lookieloo, Fitz introduces three different groups of sculptures, distinct but interwoven. Wooden boxes appear in drag, dressed up and overtly ‘acting out’ as pieces of furniture, with extruding closet doors, drawers and handles. Standing lamps join forces to become ornamental railings, each presenting different expressions of a standardised fence pattern. Populating this quasi-domestic landscape, a series of plaster figurines evoke twee garden statues or mantelpiece figurines from a bygone era.

The world built up by Fitz’s sculptures is neither an alternative one nor a fantastic or utopian outside. Instead, it creates aberrations within an overarching pattern, paying attention to tiny gestures that can expand our possibilities in experiencing and articulating the world.


Media Contact:

Rosa Abbott, Media & Curatorial Liaison 


Hannah Fitz, Lookieloo
Hannah Fitz, Lookieloo