Isabel Nolan, Modern Families - Relatives and Relationships in Art

Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork

26 July - 3 November 2013

Soft Stillness and the Night


steel, wool, cotton, foam, thread

dimensions variable

Lewis Glucksman Gallery, presents Modern Families, a group show of Irish and international artists which explores various types of 'family' relationships through art.


Isabel Nolan is amongst the artists in this exhibtion which opens Thursday 25 July and is co-curated by Chris Clarke and Matt Packer.


In recent times, the traditional nuclear family has expanded to incorporate a range of relationships. Including a vast and fluid network of in-laws, half-siblings, acquaintances and partners, the idea of the ‘family’ is also found across numerous disciplines, from scientific systems of classification to the genealogies of language and culture.


Modern Families explores these relationships through artworks by Irish and international artists. In addition to investigating the new dynamics that have arisen through the expansion of the family unit, the exhibition looks at art objects as a family in its own right, as ideas of typology, lineage, connectivity and genealogy are revealed in the way the artworks themselves affect and interact with each other.

A series of Perspectives talks accompanies this exhibition featuring Eulalia Valldosera and Isabel Nolan. It considers the question: How I became an artist.


Chris Clarke and Matt Packer will lead a free curatorial tour of the exhibition at 1pm on Friday 25 October.


Artists: Nevin Alada─č, Gerard Byrne, Chosil Kil, Clemens Krauss, Marko Mäetamm, Trish Morrissey, Isabel Nolan, Mark O’Kelly, Paulien Oltheten, Reto Pulfer, Audrey Reynolds, Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Eulalia Valldosera, and Yang Fudong

Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork