Jaki Irvine, Deutsche Bank Commission

Deutsche Bank, Dublin

Permanent commission launching 6 November 2014

Every year, thousands of migrant workers make the hazardous journey from further south in Latin America, up through Mexico, in the hope of crossing into the United States. Unknown numbers die en route. Entire bus-loads of people are found dead in mass graves. The families they left behind walk across Mexico in protest, calling for justice: for the numbers of people killed, the reason for such carnage, the deaths they met. The pain and enormity of it is almost impossible to imagine.

So we return to the breath-taking spectacle of the butterflies, embedded in this same landscape. Here, the camera zooms in and out of a myriad of details: fragments of a world coming in and out of focus, refusing to remain within the confines of a frame. She points to the overwhelming nature of beauty and death reminding us of the impossibility of imagining other lives in their entirety and the impossibility of forgetting them too.

'Shot in Mexico: On the Impossibility of Imagining the Numbers of Dead and Disappeared (Vertical)', 2014; 20 framed archival pigment prints on wallpaper.

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