Kathy Prendergast, Atlas: A Reverie

12 Star Gallery at the Europe House, London

20 July – 9 September 2016

Kathy Prendergast, Linz/Wein, 2014, Atlas, ink, 45 x 30.5 x 1 cm / 17.7 x 12 x .4 in

The artist will present up to 38 framed images and one freestanding work using the AA Road Atlas of Europe as a basis to explore the notion of migration and settlement.


Known for her drawing and attention to detail, the artist transforms the surface of the atlas leaving only the white and grey dots which denote the cities, towns and villages. These become evidence of locations of habitation and tracks across the landscape. Part geography, part history and part reverie they are reminiscent of star charts and constellations and become diagrams of journeys taken and to be taken.

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