Liliane Tomasko, Dusk at Dawn

Kunsthalle Rostock, Rostock, Germany

1 March – 3 May 2015

Solo exhibition

Liliane Tomasko
Oil on linen
193 x 177.8 cm / 76 x 70 in  

Liliane Tomasko focuses her attention onto things, which lie in our immediate surroundings. She paints objects and spaces from the domestic environment; they are subtle interiors viewed from unusual angles. What is particularly striking is the way she deals with light, which does not illuminate the stacks of fabric, nor the beds and corners of rooms. Instead her paintings show these subjects to be lit up from inside, timeless, and caught in an eternal dawn. In this space they are allowed to unfold their own energies. Dusk at Dawn is an exhibition about departure - it speaks of melancholia, of warmth and not least, of the love for painting.

Born to Hungarian parents, Liliane Tomasko grows up in Switzerland and dedicates herself initially to photography, before becoming a student at the Royal Academy’s sculpture department in London. When she turns to painting she finds herself assisted in her new endeavor by the years spent making sculpture. Drawing inspiration from an extensive Polaroid-archive, Tomasko also allows her sculptural sense for material and space to become increasingly reflected in the construction of her imagery. Born in 1967, Liliane Tomasko lives and works in New York, Barcelona and near Munich. She is married to the Irish-American artist Sean Scully. Her works have been exhibited numerously in galleries and museums in Europe as well as the United States.

This unambiguously sensual exhibition brings together 40 works and marks the artists first
solo show in a German art museum.

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