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Liliane Tomasko, Morpheus

Similar to how the god of dreams, Morpheus, can transform himself into any shape, the works of Liliane Tomasko also undergo a transformation. Starting with a dream that always reveals a glimpse into the soul, she creates mysterious, metaphorical works full of energy and inner strength. She captures a world between waking, sleeping and dreaming on canvas, aluminium or paper and captures the fleeting moment between these states, between consciousness and unconsciousness. Tomasko draws her inspiration from this in-between stage, as one is neither in one nor in the other world and yet they are both connected. She is fascinated by these moments of becoming.

The works shown in the exhibition “Morpheus” at the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg were created between 2018 and 2020 and tell of the threshold state and the contrasts between day and night, waking and sleeping. Her paintings range from vibrating images full of light and warmth to works that are defined by strong black and white contrasts - a dance between light and darkness.



Liliane Tomasko
Morpheus, 2018
acrylic and acrylic spray on linen
193 x 177.8 cm / 76 x 70 in