Marry Garry, Drift LP Launch

Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

9 May 2016, 7pm sharp

Sean Carpio and Mark Garry will launch Drift, a limited edition 10” record, on Monday 9 May. Designed by Conor and David, the record features a hand-screenprinted linen wrapping by Mark and Sean. The record will be launched at Kerlin Gallery on Monday 9 May, with a live performance in the gallery by Mark and Sean, accompanied by Max Carpio and Eomac. The performance will take place at 7pm.


Drift is presented with funding from the Arts Council Music Recording Scheme, managed by Music Network. The music on the record evolved from a performance, also entitled Drift, that took place in a natural amphitheater called “Horseshoe Bay” on Sherkin Island, located off the coast of West Cork.


This one-off performance took place in and around the bay, with audience members arriving on two passenger ferries, moored next to a traditional Irish wooden sail boat which bore an Aeolian harp (a harp played by the wind). On land, a brass quartet performed a series of short musical pieces based on Sumerian Hymns, which were controlled by a form of improvised conducting. The third and last element featured an improvising saxophonist, who responded to the sonic relationship between the brass quartet and the wind harp.


For this recording, the artists wanted to create a situation that integrated certain conceptual and sonic elements from the Drift performance, and to then process the material through more protracted methods. The recordings were made with two saxophonists (Robert Stillman and Robin Fincker), an accordionist (Nigel Towse) and three Aeolian harps in a small forest in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. The music was improvised in short takes with little guidance, then subsequently edited by Mark and arranged by Sean.


Drift is the fifth recording Mark and Sean have made together. Previous works include Sending Letters to the Sea, A Generous Act, The Permanent Present and A Winter Light, to be released later this year.