Richard Gorman, KIN

The MAC, Belfast

9 May - 27 July 2014

Gorman insists that his paintings mean no more or no less than what they are. To stand before his work and experience the pleasure of shape, line, colour, texture, scale and realise that in that alone may be the essential effect of painting.


“I paint alone in my studio where I solve problems that did not exist until I began painting. A painting is a conflict with disorder.A painting is not a message to anyone. It may not tell a story, it may not even represent an idea. It means only that it signifies what I spend my time doing - it is the outcome of that process of making and remaking on the flat surface in search of a precarious balance.”


For this exhibition Gorman continues this evolutionary refinement with a series of paintings that confirm his position as one of Irelands leading abstract painters.


“If you ask by what criteria then can we judge a Gorman painting, I would say don’t judge it. Look at it as a poet might, enjoy it for what it is in the time that it is available to you.”


- Jamshid Mirfenderesky


Born in Dublin in 1946, Richard Gorman was educated in Ireland but has lived and worked in Milan since the 1980s. He has exhibited widely and regularly since the mid-80s, especially in Dublin, London, Milan and Tokyo.

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