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Brian Maguire in Bodywork

Artists: Rachel Ballagh, Elizabeth Cope, Yvonne Condon, Stephen Doyle, Rita Duffy, Debbie Godsell, Eithne Jordan, Dragana Jurišić, Breda Lynch, Brian Maguire, Leanne McDonagh, Eoin McHugh, Nick Miller, Maïa Nunes, Sandra Johnston, Alice Rekab, Rajinder Singh, Peter Nash and Jennifer Trouton.

The human body is a complex, fascinating, and wonderous entity which becomes both subject and object for the artist. Our bodies can become either the vessel or the weapon of love, empathy, commodification, or manipulation within the realms of community, family, and self.

The works in this exhibition explore aspects of art making that interrogate how our bodies perform under internal and external forces and through lived experiences. In doing so, Bodywork offers a space to consider our bodies and how they relate to our understanding of body image.  Selected from recently acquired artworks from the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) and Crawford Art Gallery collections, the exhibition seeks to both platform the featured artists and the collaborative partnership of IMMA and Crawford Art Gallery in their acquisition of new works for the National Collection.

Bodywork highlights the crucial relationships between contemporary art practice and the body.  ‘In a way,’ as writer Adrian Stokes (1902-1972) observed, ‘all art is constructed in the body’.


Brian Maguire, Arizona 1

Brian Maguire 

Arizona 1, 2020

acrylic on canvas

146.5 x 210.5 x 5 cm

57.7 x 82.9 x 2 in 

Brian Maguire, Arizona 3

Brian Maguire 

Arizona 3, 2020

acrylic on canvas

200 x 140 x 4.5 cm

78.7 x 55.1 x 1.8 in